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2ML X 7

Antioxidant shock skin brightening ampoule with a 10% stabilised Vitamin C Derivative. Combines three powerful antioxidants and an internal flash of light amplifies the natural splendour of your skin. Perfect for dull or stressed skins, with faint dark spots or slight signs of ageing.

Brightening Glow Concentrate

  • If your skin is dull or stressed, if you can see small dark spots or start to notice slight signs of ageing, then the Brightening Glow Concentrate is the ampoule Skeyndor has created for you. It is an antioxidant concentrate with Vitamin C derivatives and the combination of three powerful antioxidants which brighten and unify your skin tone, providing an internal flash of light and amplifying the natural splendour of your skin. Ready to shine with your own light.

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