Single Treatment $155

Course of 10 treatments $1250


Dermosonic® does not employ the suction techniques used in many cellulite remedies. Instead, it utilizes a combination of two procedures—ultrasound and noninvasive subdermal therapy (NIST)—that are medically proven to work in fat reduction treatments and approved by the FDA.


This two-phase treatment allows targeting of specific areas for smoothing the subdermal fat deposits and tightening the skin for a smoother, tighter appearance. In the initial phase, low-level ultrasound is used to break down stubborn fat tissues.


Vibrating mechanisms are applied to the area in the second, or NIST, phase to 1) push the unwanted tissue away from the skin to the bloodstream where it can be cleared by the body’s normal processes, 2) stimulate circulation to increase the rate of clearance of the fat tissue, and 3) tighten the skin in the treated area


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