Vitamin C


Vitamin C is a key vitamin for the physiological development as it is very important for the control of the ageing process.  For skin it has an anti-free radical action, protecting it against UV radiation.  It also helps in the formation of new collage, therefore, being an important active ingredient in the anti-ageing treatments.

SKEYNDOS LIFT VITAMIN C range is formulated with Nikkol VC-IP a new generation of vitamin C.  It is more efficient than other derivates of vitamin  C as it has a higher capacity of penetration and absorption, which is up to seven times more than pure vitamin C.  With a dose of 3%, one of the highest percentages for topical use, it gives noticeable results from the first few applications.   All the products of the range have pleasant textures that leave a feeling of freshness, softness and comfort.

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