Eternal by Skeyndor - Awarded the best active ingredient in the 2008 European Cosmetics Awards, The Eternal line by Skeyndor is first of its kind using a plant stem cell preparation to stimulate and protect human skin stem cells. This gives an overall, long-lasting rejuvenating effect that improves all aspects associated with premature skin ageing.  Activating the reservoirs in the skin and preserving a youthful appearance and skin vitality in ways never before possible. Skeyndor has harnessed the known generative powers of the long-living apple species, Uttwiler Spatlauber, by taking an active stem cell liposomal preparation and using own Nanoliposomes Release System as well as a little extra magic created product that makes the amazing generative power of the plant stem cells "available" for stem cells within our own skin.

Skeyndor's plant origin stem cell nanoliposome preparation has several key qualities:

  • It promotes the production of skin stem cells and protects them from environmental stress and UV rays

  • It maintains stem cell growth and proliferation activity

  • It increases the longevity of the fibroblasts originating from mature skin (delays ageing, protects against oxidative stress and repairs DNA

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