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Power Retinol

The only clinically proven Retinol Range in the world safe to use all year round

Power Retinol is the result of 25 years of extensive research into all things retinol (Vitamin A). The advanced, unique formulation Skeyndor has created, is a high strength dosage of pure Retinol, Bakuchiol and HS Soy Extract which all work in synergy to boost the repairing and rejuvenating activity of retinol on the skin without the typical side effects (skin damage, irritation and redness). Our powerful Retinol cream delivers great results against the signs of ageing and can even help to slow down the effects of ageing. The Power Retinol skincare range tackles fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage as well as refines and resurfaces the skin, making it the perfect Retinol moisturiser for ageing skin. Using a Retinol moisturiser daily can help to promote the body’s natural cellular regeneration process, naturally revealing smoother and younger looking skin.
You can also use Retinol cream for acne breakouts. Our Retinol skincare range is extremely effective in combating acne and other skin pigmentations. By stimulating natural cell growth, Power Retinol can help to tackle dead surface cells, which helps to clear breakouts naturally and without harsh chemicals. Try Power Retinol for acne breakouts today.

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